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Recent Government Reorganization, A strategy to Damp Ruto’s allies in Meaningless Dockets

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A source privy to the ongoing reshuffling in the government has told the Rift News that, replacing of Ruto’s allies that held crucial positions in government with Raila and Uhuru’s lieutenants is a product of night meetings between Odinga and Kenyatta’s families facilitated by Interior PS Karanja Kibicho.

Since President Kenyatta buried hatchets to be friends with common interests, the country has witnessed a lot of government reorganization that is revealed to be done by a secret squad that is paid to come up with strategies that will disarm Ruto then submit to the President with a detailed explanation of the projected outcome.

Interesting times are ahead since Kenyans are aware of the ill motives of a few individuals running government as a family business with attempts to change the constitution to benefit four known families.

After succeeding in firing the former Treasury CS Henry Rotich whom they suspect to have been feeding Ruto with sensitive information as well as oiling his movements across the country tours, they resolved to take moneyed parastatals to ministries operated by anti-Ruto mafias.

After the handshake, many Ruto’s allies have been fired for unproven scandal allegations, asked to stop church donations, a biased team to draft pro dynasties referendum, and major reshuffles to block his possible source of campaign funds.

Of the Kikuyu Cabinet Secretaries, Mwangi Kiunjuri whom they suspect to be a possible running mate of DP has been the only one still disloyal to anti-Ruto team strategizing the retention of dynasties in power.

To disarm him, Kibicho successfully snatched the Irrigation docket to his Interior and National coordination ministry to withhold the money at the department to work in line with BBI moves.

The probably dynasties government organizers appear almost exhausting their bullets without succeeding to overpower DP Ruto.

On Friday evening, a press release from Statehouse announced changes that demote Ruto’s perceived friends to useless dockets while replacing with Raila’s.

Dr. Francis Owino was moved from Public Service to moneyed industrialization docket while Betty Maina from Kericho was sent to deathtrap Ministry of Environment and Forestry that is now being used to whip Ruto through forceful eviction of his Rift supporters.

The move is a strategy to shield the known war against one community. They now want to use Maina to whip own people to conceal their intention. Mrs. Maina will be used to evict Narok residents.

A resident from Kericho Cheluget Balozi wondered why the president through government spokesperson Kanze Dena, moved Betty Maina to the ministry of Environment, “this is funny, she is the daughter of the soil and the president moved her knowing very well that there’s looming eviction touching her people.

Fred Segor, a strategist, who was in Agriculture has been dumped in Wildlife where he will have a more interesting time with lions and elephants more than people.

Another sensitive docket where the handshake implementation team doesn’t want Ruto to have a stint is Defence. Mj. Gen. (Rtd) Gordon Kihalangwa, a Luhya who is believed to have been close to Ruto has been removed from Defence to Public Works that has no sensitive interest.

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