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Lessons to Draw From Mugabe’s Life

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The former Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe who has fallen

The long –serving Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe who has fallen is a good lesson to any person serving in a public office. Before he joined politics, he served as teacher in 1940s before he got scholarship to pursue Bachelor of Science Degree in University of London.

Mugabe whose death report was confirmed this morning, his life has a lot of lessons we can extract having served as the longest African President. The lessons are explained below.

No matter how long you remain in power, you will still go home and die. Mugabe served as the prime minister between 1980 and 1987 and before he rose to be the president in 1987 to 2017 when he was overthrown by the Military following deterioration of economy.

Even if we gather all wealth in the world, death still longs for us. For the thirty-seven (37) years at the Zimbabwe’s top leadership, he amassed a lot of property most of which belonged to the public but he has left all and now headed to 6 by 4 feet trench.

We should not clinch to power until we die. This World belongs to all of us. We need to serve for some time and have restful time at home to see the foundation we laid.

We should empower others and prepare our successors. Don’t wait until you are forcibly kicked out of leadership. Though he made some few contributions to his country, his family was always a priority and that is why he always tortured potential successors including former Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

You don’t need to leader for a century in order to be remembered. Martin Luther King Junior died at age of 39 and he will forever stick to our memories. It is not how long you lead. It is how many people you positively influence.

He was born to a family of a carpenter Gabriel Matibiri (father) and a Christian teacher Bona (mother) on 21 February 1924. He was third born out of the six children.

African leaders have a bad habit of clinging on power forever instead of focusing on service delivery to the led.

Robert Mugabe

Sundanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s is another leader who was desposed by angry citizens and army who felt that he had overstayed in power.

Bashir’s is ouster was precipitated by the biggest in history peaceful demonstrations by hundreds of thousands in the capital in Khartoum.

After the ouster and detention of Bahir Sudanese military council took over the leadership.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who has stayed in power for 33 years should prepare for his imminent downfall.

Yoweri, 75, has fond of whipping and torturing his opponents and as the ouster trend looms in Africa, he is the next to be overthrown and detained.

Here in Kenya, though we are much ahead in democracy with our new constitution, injustice is spread by a few families dubbed dynasties who want power to revolve around them but the ongoing dynasty and hustler debate will culminate the least anticipated.

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