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Proofs that Mau Forest Eviction is part of Handshake Conspiracy

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Police officers torching house in narok County in the past

The forthcoming eviction in Maasai Narok that will displace more than ten thousand families is a well-choreographed move linked to the recent firing of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies and the referendum being crafted the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Before the eviction, fierce and biased former Narok County Commissioner George Natembeya who had been accused by politicians of siding with one community during the past clashes was promoted to be the Rift Valley Coordinator. Natembeya told the press that the government is now set to evacuate the families.

The “Rift Valley leaders “that went to meet Raila in his Capitol Hill offices and later to Kabarak for talks with Gideon Moi own huge chunks of land in Maasai Narok near Ilmotiok where it will be touched by the eviction.

Police officers in a mission

There is a possibility that the leaders were seeking the support of Raila who epitomized the eviction scheme to have their areas exempted.

The dark forces crafting the retention of power by the three known families in 2022 are the same people who crafted the scheme of radicalizing the Maasai against DP Ruto and Kalenjins ahead of the planned referendum and 2022 polls.

Ruto is a Kalenjin Kingpin and shaking off of Kalenjin in Narok is an attempt to provoke him to defend his community against the Maa but being a national leader and aware of the conspiracy, he has been cool on the matter.

The scheme is also in line with the dynastic scheme to weaken the DP in his backyard while they try to uplift retired President Moi’s son Gideon Moi to gradually take over.

Why all these? The Moi, Odinga and Kenyatta families in the past when Kenyans were still fools acquired almost half the wealth of this country which include public lands and several properties that were owned by the government and so want to keep protecting themselves.

Ruto, a representative of the poor, knows every detail of what the families have grabbed and they are worried that his ascension to the top seat might threaten their security.

The Moi’s family own 2000 acres of land in Narok occupied by Kiptagich tea factory, and reports also indicate that Isaac, Cheuruiyot, and Bett also own hundreds of acres of land in Narok.

To prove that the Moi’s family has the unconfirmed interest, the Standard Newspaper, which they own has been passionately reporting about the impending eviction with prominence.

Narok Residents in a meeting after the past eviction

Natembeya has confirmed that security officers are ready and only waiting for Keriako Tobiko’s nod to kick out 10,000 settlers who have been in the region for the past 20 years.

The face has Nkoben, Ilmotiok, and Ololunga’a and will see more than 8,000 school-going children will be affected.

Isaac Ruto after meeting Raila and Gideon Moi, has changed his tune to support the eviction saying that the affected families should be compensated.

To proof that Raila is behind the eviction, Ruto’s rivals upon meeting him, published that they were discussing the forthcoming Mau forest eviction yet Raila has no official position mandating him to give a decision on environmental conservation.

The 10,000 families will be joining the over 5000 families in Kuresoi North and South Constituencies who have been living in tents for the past ten years.

Our editorial team asks the government to protect innocent lives lest they become victims of political conspiracies.

However, eviction comes moments after all DP Ruto’s allies who served as parastatal heads, PSs and Cabinet Secretaries have been sent home on claims of corruption.

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