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To be Safe, Politicians Should not own Food Processing Companies

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Kericho residents lining up for screening.

Several Kenyans who spoke to the Rift News want senior politicians together with their close relatives to be barred from importing edible products or running food and drinks processing companies in the country if the quality and safety of citizens should be put first.

The locals who said, they will put 2022 succession politics aside to talk of a monster consuming thousands of lives alleged that almost all products that are arguably unsafe to human health and linked to cancer cases are owned and operated by untouchables in the country who have influence in appointment of senior law enforcers as well as CEOs of agencies tasked with checking the quality of manufactured and processed edible goods.

Sugar, that is consumed in every household was recently found with harmful metallic elements to be precise mercury-traces, but money and orders silenced the story to protect untouchables who were involved in the sale of the deadly sugar.

It is in our public domain that money was shared among the legislators at the Parliament precincts and subsequently security agencies used different means to end the debate by release PR  statements that rubbished the factual medical research reports. Researchers were allegedly cautioned to stop from raising an “unsolicited” alarm.

“Even building Cancer centres in every ward will never end the epidemic. As long as the bigwigs allow consumption of harmful products, more cancer-related deaths will still be reported. What the government should do, is to swiftly conduct researches to ascertain the causes of the disease and advise Kenyans accordingly on what to consume and what to avoid. It is very sad that politicians wait for funerals to go and fill the air with false hopes,” Judy Mutai said

Jacky Akumu said, the fake statements and hopes issued in funerals of cancer victims are situational and mean nothing to millions of Kenyans who are made vulnerable.

She asked Kenyans to wake up and demand what is helpful from the government adding that even if the disease is diagnosed at what stage it would still drain resources and eventually kill.

The disease is never a respecter of persons it claims both young and old, poor and adults equally. Supermarkets have been exposed for using harmful preservatives to keep meat fresh while milk processing companies use deadly chemicals to increase the quantity of the product and keep them long.

Hotels across the country use paracetamols (panadols) to make juicy githeri stew and at the same time greenhouse produce and roundup used to kill weeds on our farms have been whispered as causes of cancer but no government agency is talking about it.

It is with no doubt that we lack concerned leaders but suffer a lot of selfish and reactionary ones who wait citizens to succumb to epidemics to initiate discussion on solutions to problems. Most of them have no zeal to ensure comfort and safety of the public. The saddening part is that they speak emotionally in funerals and while in Nairobi, they forget them and prioritize politics of power retention and succession.


The ongoing cancer prevalence that is claiming thousands of dear lives every day is an outcome of the mistakes of leaders and government agencies that out of greed for prosperity allowed traders to sell poisonous foodstuffs to citizens.

Disappointed sources alleged that many food and drink- manufacturing companies that are owned by known senior government officers and royal families are involved in using preservatives and harmful chemicals in order.

“ Woe to Kenyans because the agencies that are charged to check the quality of food and drinks consumed by millions of Kenyans compromise with their work in fear of the seniors who have the power to hire and fire them. Even when the foods contain poisonous content, they just keep quiet to protect their jobs” Eldoret resident cried

According to the latest reports, at least 47,000 cancer cases are diagnosed every year, whereas, at least 32,000 cancer patients die every year.

The national government has this information of the disease outbreak but they wait until senior people in the government or a member of the royal family succumb to cancer in order to feel the pinch and come up with promising measures that never materialize.

Recently in Koru, President Uhuru’s government pledged to increase radiology and chemotherapy centres in the country to diagnose new cases and treat them respectively.

As this happens, the government has fully functional medical research departments that are handsomely funded but still cannot issue an honest report on the effects of round-up, greenhouses, toxic meat and sugar and their effects on the human body.

This means it is either the government is unable to protect its taxpayers or it has allowed them to die gradually by choosing to water efforts that mean good for the populace.

The members of parliament when in Nairobi choose to go to bed with traders who import plastic rice, artificial eggs, and noxious maize.

We have however lately noticed that Kenyans are becoming enlightened to resist poisonous products sold to them.

According to Jeremy Mwangi, a health practitioner in Nairobi, locals should shun processed food and all the foodstuffs that have been mentioned until the government comes up with radical measures to fight the disease.

He added that many government departments are sleeping wondering how the Kawangware trader was able to sell human meat for five years without anybody noticing until the media exposed him.

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