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Bomet Leaders trekking on a rough road

If you are an aspirant eying for a seat within Bomet come 2022, no need to worry; voters do not need much from you; just make sure you have an entertaining speech, emotional address, a long list of unattainable promises with money to hire youth and buy publicity from the media.

We can arguably report that Bomet voters either hate development or do not know what to expect from MCAs, MPs, Woman Rep, Senator, Governor and different departments of government.

They prefer voting for politicians with the loudest voice in public forums, entertaining speech, and those who promise heaven and deliver hell. They do not need a leader with experience and capability to influence the establishment of development projects.

The County Assembly, National Assembly, and Senate Hansard reports can attest that no politician from the region tabled a legislative proposal with the potential to resolve the crisis in water, health, agriculture, trade, and education. The leaders are divided into two: some are vocal in public meetings and shy in parliament while the new MPs are nervous both in public forums and in parliament.

The former Governor Isaac Ruto who is revered by many is the father of anti-development citizens. Ruto sought publicity by opposing the establishment of crucial development projects with huge economic importance to the locals.

Media and court records show that the Chama Cha Mashinani party leader opposed the establishment of Bomet University as well as the tarmacking of Silibwet-Olenguruone road and went to court to stop upgrading of Bomet town streets.

Prof. Wilfred , a dental expert, served as a Senator whose tenure elapsed with no single legacy to keep his name alive and so to Cecilia Ngetich who exited office with a bang when she was mentioned in the Waziri bizarre.

Though many residents pay close attention to politics, they are prone to making biased political decisions based on “Who knows me,” instead of voting for leaders with proven track records and who would advocate for development projects with positive impacts on their lives.

Bomet has no significant economic activities.  After the planting and maize-weeding seasons, energetic men wake up early to sit and politic by the roads discussing politics and politicians.

“Praising and informing leaders is nowadays a lucrative venture. It has become our main source of money to meet life demands,” a resident said.

Sadly, even the educated sail on the ship of sycophancy instead of using their knowledge to sensitize locals who do not know what to expect from leaders and to make rational decisions based on real-life impacts, they are blinded by short-term political favours.

Bomet leaders attend expensive foreign trips dubbed “benchmarking sessions” but so far no foreign investor has expressed interest or set up an industry at the county. Notwithstanding, lack of development, no individuals or organization has dared hold accountable the leaders of their duties. All are satisfied.

Bomet town that homes the County Government headquarters, is forty-years-old but lacks drainage systems, supermarkets, good hotels, good specialist hospitals, and local markets.

 A good example of non-performing leaders is the voiced Woman Rep Joyce Korir, who has puzzled many by seemingly being inept and complacent to change the lives of women.

The former MCA overwhelmingly swept votes in 2017 polls because of her emotive address during public forums, but now two years down the line has never been heard utter a word in parliament that benefits women and has not ever initiated any conspicuous program for this special group.

Every year, she receives sh. 55 million Affirmative Action Funds specifically set aside for businesses and initiatives that would capacitate women socially, economically and politically.

On top of her kitty, she has a portfolio to marshal the relevant government departments, partners and donors of good-will to come and reinforce women activities and projects at home.

Locals told Famous South Rift that apart from the donation of wheelchairs and attending harambees, no other move she has taken both at the parliament and at home.

Interestingly, though she is not able to name any project that the woman rep has done, Jane Sigira from Chepalungu still praise her for being overworking.

Article 100 of the Kenyan Constitution provides that women Reps are supposed to promote the interests of women and the girl child within their counties by coming up with legislation that favours and suits the women and girls within their dominions.

Through legislation, Women Reps should lobby and advocate for the rights, freedoms, and interests of the women and girls, perceived by the society to be the ‘weaker sex’ in order to uplift them to the standard where they are considered at par with their male counterparts.

Another sleeping leader is Senator Christopher Langat, a motivational speaker who has never been heard anywhere playing an oversight role or suggesting solutions to poor roads, poor agricultural activities and even the highly-needed specialist hospitals in the county. Even when is he sleeping on his duty, the many residents still defend him.

As we unmask legislators for failing to use their platform to fight poverty, water shortage, poor tea prices, and lack of state of the art hospital, fight the FGM and early pregnancy that is curtailing the future of young residents, the County government is also sleeping with billions of taxpayers’ money.

Because of political reasons, the Bomet county government declined to build the Cancer centre on a 5-acre piece of land near Longisa hospital that was purchased during the tenure of Isaac Ruto.

Bomet County government is also faulted for failing to compensate locals living near Itembe airstrip to pave way for upgrade and expansion.

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