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Shocking revelations of how an MP won elections in a Constituency he doesn’t live

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The National Assembly Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi taking an oath of office photo Courtesy

When he gets to the podium, he cracks jokes throwing everybody into laugh. Maybe this is how he defeated odds that will never have a Hollywood ending.

Kuresoi North residents have naked shocking revelations that their second term Member of Parliament does not have a home or an investment in his constituency.

Moses Cheboi, the National Assembly Deputy Speaker is said to be residing miles away from his constituency where he only steps whenever there are events to preside over.

The multiethnic constituents reveal why it took them years to learn that the MP resides away from his constituency and has no personal investment in the area.

The voters who do not know any of his family members blame his sweet tongue sweet tongue and popular name for blinding them during elections.

They allege that they face underdevelopment because the area MP has no interest in the area beyond their vote.

“Our MP does not live in the constituency; he stays in Nakuru with investment in Kuresoi South. His comical language and big name made us vote for him,” a resident identified as Kipkemoi said

Kipkemoi adds that the Deputy speaker who dines with Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto is wobbling and wavering on service delivery with his constituency without a single tarmac road because he has no interest in the region past votes.

Few months into elections, Cheboi allegedly bought a small plot near Kongoi Secondary that is managed by a neighbor because has no his investment or a decent house.

Between 2002 and 2007, Cheboi was the MP for the parent Kuresoi but he ran to North when it was split in fear of then fierce former internal security PS Zakayo Cheruiyot.

At North, he outstood his rivals having been an MP before.

The MP was recorded narrating that losing an election is like dying and this math prompted him to trick his way to parliament.

Controversial and Witty Member of Parliament who has no a home or an investment in his constituency only visits his constituency rarely only when he has projects to launch and events to attend.

His Constituency offices are located at Mau Summit, a edge of his constituency hardly accessed by his locals living in Kiproro who must pass County Council area and Molo town to access it.

The Famous South Rift has established that Cheboi’s family home is in Njoro in Nakuru while parents presently live in Olenguruone in Kuresoi south.

He is the son of the late Aron Cheboi a former Councillor who until his last time on earth was a reputable Africa Inland church elder.

However, when asked for comment, the MP said the locals have the right to air their views saying many of the constituents believe he is the best.

“They are perfectly within their right to hold such a view..I am not perfect.But others think I am doing well so am I….If I am not how did they elect me three times?” he responded

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