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Who is Behind Njoro MP’s Death Threats?

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Njoro Member of Parliament, Charity Kathambi. Photo: Courtesy

Njoro MP Charity Kathambi Chepkwony who since she took over, has been praised for unparalleled service delivery that has transformed the constituency has reported to the Director of Criminal Investigation headquarters death threats that she termed to emanate from unnamed political nemesis.

Appealing to the public for prayers through social media, she said “Remember me in prayers! I got messages that there is a hired gang by politicians to eliminate me!! Reported to DCI last week on 27th and one is now arrested,”

The MP is alleged to have been getting a series of life threatening messages from several strange phone numbers.

In Telephone interview with Famous South Rift, the MP said she is aware of dark forces angered by her good work and she would not take for granted death threats.

In one and a half years of her leadership, she has completd hundreds of projects among them, police stations, schools and water projects that have unlocked the constituency from the mud of ethnic animosity, lack of access to important amenities and bondage of poverty.

The cosmopolitan constituency has in the past been a victim of Kikuyu-Kalenjin and Ogiek-Kipgisis-ethnic clashes but Charity has beefed up of security by increasing police posts and stations as well as preaching of co-existence among the communities residing in the region.

According to a source privy Kathambi’s quarters, the immediate former MP Joseph Kiuna MP has never conceded defeat and is alleged to have been sabotaging the efforts of his successor that have revealed underperformance in his tenure.

Kiuna was recently arrested and grilled by police after he made inciting remarks that fueled ethnic violence between two communities in the region.

Apparently Charity is the only overworking leader in Nakuru whose efforts has disturbed county leaders who fear losing seats to her in case she will be fronted by electorates come 2022.

However, a section of social media users have said the MP could be looking for publicly and sympathy from the public.

The MP asked the investigators not to take the matter lightly saying crop of such behaviour is not good if left to multiply in the society.

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