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Why Kenyan Hospitals need urgent Upgrade

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State of Nakuru PGH hospital that has been upgraded

There is overwhelming rise of strange diseases in our country that are reportedly associated with the lifestyle and food we consume but unfortunately our County referrals, Prestigious private hospitals and National hospital cannot grip.

Media has reported an influx of foreign flights by senior government officials among them political class flying to India, U.S and London for medication while the majority poor die in villages unable to raise millions of moneys required by the local hospitals to suppress the rarely curable diseases.

This confirms that an African idiom that goes “if a man does not eat at home, he may never give his wife enough money to cook a good pot of soup” is true.

Medical treatment is a lucrative venture like any other business and going to Europe, North America and Asia for treatment at expense of our facilities has an impact to our economy.

 As these are witnessed, the National and County Governments through devolution publish the upgrade of hospitals alleging to have trained doctors, procured ambulances and state of the art machines but ironically none of them or their kin visit the hospitals for treatment.

“If it is true that the National and Counties have upgraded hospitals to handle terminal diseases, we want to hear of Governors, MPs, MPs, Senators and even the President going to any of the county referrals for mediation” a Kericho resident said

The resident identified as Mutai adds “What we have only heard is theft of county funds though import of malfunctioned ambulances and theft of billions of tax payers billions of money through the swindling of NHIF contribution without prosecution of the suspects”   

Contributing to rise of terminal diseases is corruption among the investigating agencies and watchdog institutions tasked to check quality of imported and manufactured foodstuffs consumed by the citizens.

The most recent case study is the reported presence of mercury substances in sugar that was imported by bigwigs but the story was toned down after the MPs and security agencies were bribed.

They chose to keep quiet instead of pursuing the claims to the last minute unknowing that we will all be affected even though thy eat in opulent hotels and us in poor tents beside the roads,” a James Mwangi from Nakuru said

Kericho County Government Ambulances imported from Detroit Michigan

Mwangi adds that the jokes unprosecuted claims and jargons of “Mtu Wetu” should come to an end.

Instead of investing in medical research in bid to find solution to rampant deadly diseases, the government is spending billions of taxes in worthless programs like registration of Huduma Number and Building Bridges Initiatives that have no direct impact to lives of suffering Kenyans.

The government recently concluded the costly Huduma Number registration that cost sh. 6 billion and it is secretly planning a referendum worth sh. 12 billion to create slots to for few individuals.

A medic based in Nairobi said, the health sector will only get a facelift, if the habit of appointing lovers and relatives to head health docket will come to an end.

“Government is engendering millions of lives by failure to persecute people who go away with fund meant to improve hospitals” she added

If it is true that Presiden Uhuru and Raila Odinga mean good for this country, they should use their unity to fix their country’s health care systems.

The health systems in the countries that our leaders go for refuge were developed and are consistently maintained through political commitment and visionary leadership.

Raila Odinga visits Bomet Gvoernor Dr. Laboso who is admitted at London hospital

To change Kenya’s situation, citizens must condemn medical tourism and push for regulations to curb taxpayer funded medical trips and encourage home treatment so that leaders may experience the poor state of the care in the country.

Hundreds of Kenyan politicians are among the leaders who are seeking cancer treatment in Asia and Europe countries.

Last year, it emerged that Nine MPs and four Senators are among thousands of Kenyans being treated for cancer in Indian hospitals at Apollo Hospital in India.

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