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Roret Residents Demand Relocation of Unsafe Slaughter House.

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Roret Slaughterhouse whose location is troubling locals

Hundreds of families living around Roret who are living in fear of waterborne diseases now want relevant authorities to relocate stinking slaughterhouse situated few metres away from shopping centre.

Led by an environmentalist Josphat Mutai, the residents complain that the slaughterhouse drains liquid and solid waste materials posing dangers to their lives.

They allege that during rainy season their homesteads are filled with health hazard materials leaving them with continued foul-smell.

They said the slaughterhouse, which is situated inside the market and close to residential houses, undermined the safety of the residents in the event an animal went wild.

Liquid waste discharged from the slaughterhouse

Brian Chebole says the slaughterhouse was supposed to be erected on at least one-and-a-half acres and be over one kilometre away from the main market to avoid human-animal conflict and allow for proper waste disposal.

He appeals to County Government to swiftly look into the issue and construct a better facility about two kilometres from the market instead of being reluctant about it.

 “Community’s interests should be protected. A slaughterhouse must be at least one-and-a-half kilometres away to boost disease control,” he said

John Kibet added that animal wastes was left in the compound for a long time before being removed, thus posing a major health risk.

The land acquired for the proposed slaughterhouse should be sufficient to permit future expansion as overcrowding of facilities may give sanitation problems.

Where the “slaughterhouse” is more or less an open slaughterplace, trees should provide some shade or even be used as a part of the structure.

Safety regulations requires that the facility to have proper fencing, pest control measures, proper liquid and solid waste disposal system, to avoid spilling off home to locals.

If the slaughterhouse consists of regular buildings the ground should be free of shrubbery or vegetation in close proximity to the structure.

Though the structure is licensed and managed by county government, locals fear that the meat being distributed from the facility goes without inspection by the vet offices.

However, our attempts to get comments from to either Bureti Sub County Administrator or CEC in charge of environment went futile when our phone calls went unanswered while area MCA Gilbert said following the uproar a great move has been taken to resolve the matter.

“ The suffering is really uncalled for and I have instructed the relevant stakeholders to have a meeting on Friday and write minutes of relocation” the MCA added

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