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By Kennedy Rotich

Chepkulo River that is diminishing due to haphazard tree cutting in Mau Forest

Few years ago, Chepkulo River in Bomet County, was such enormous that crossing it (by use of the many bridges constructed across it) was a most dreadful experience for anyone; old or young.

The river was such gigantic; it would occasionally sweep wild animals, from the Mau Forest, downstream. It was such prodigious; the roaring sound of its movement would be heard far and wide as it flows several kilometers southward to join River Mara.

Currently, what remained of the river is a shadow of its former self. Currently, in place of a former roaring body of moving water, black rocks are scattered all over with low volume of water trickling, meandering for a way between them. The bridges that used to be flooded by the flowing river, few years ago, are currently standing with their imposing heights; painting clear an image and the extreme low level the former massive river has fallen.

According to environmentalists, a forest of Eucalyptus trees (blue gum) dotting along both sides of the riverbanks, (apart from the wanton destruction of the Mau Forest) is to be blamed for the drying up of the river. Environmentalists assert a mature Eucalyptus trees drinks up to 50 gallons of water every day; a volume that exponentially increases, as the tree continues to grow, to up to 200 liters per day.

As someone wishing to leave this world more habitable for my future generation, I wish to take this platform to make this profound call to residents of Bomet County to clear all the Eucalyptus trees within 100 meters to the riverbanks. I also join Kenya Water Towers Agency, in urging everyone to plant at least 65 indigenous trees per acre in individual, public or community lands.

Let’s kill exotic trees to bring back life to our rivers and our entire biodiversity.

The author is a political Blogger based in Bomet and Nakuru Counties

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