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Bati Vicky Condemns the rising Murder of Women

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Former Kericho Woman Rep Aspirant Bati Vicky

 FEMICIDE is on the Rise. Male chauvinism is a major contributor. Is it that men don’t know how to handle things or something? I’m in shock about the wave of FEMICIDE in Kenya.

About 37 women have been reported killed in just 2019 due to relationship gone sour.

In light of Ivy Wangeci’s murder and many attempted murders recently and in solidarity with all the victims of femicide in Kenya, I wish to state the following; her killing comes at a time when Kenya is grappling with high prevalence of femicide perpetrated by men; such must never be tolerated in the society.

The Bill of Rights protects human life and no reason whatsoever justifies the wanton killings targeting women witnessed across counties.

The normalization of violence by Kenyans on social media and other public spaces is a dehumanization of the victims and is insensitive to their legacy and the trauma of those affected; family, friends and by extension, the women of Kenya. Imagine creating memes yet somebody’s daughter was hacked to death with a “Shoka”.

 Further, it creates a culture of victim shaming and blaming which permits violence to thrive. This has to come to an end.

Femicides, should not be normalized, there has to be deliberate action by all Kenyans to end violence against women. This is a monstrous disaster which should not be looked upon lightly. Men kindly tame your tempers. Do not take ladies weaknesses as an advantage for killing them. 

Appeal to our media houses 

The copycat effect is the tendency of sensational publicity about violent murders or suicides to result in more of the same through imitation.

This was first coined around 1916 due to the crimes that were inspired by Jack the Ripper.

 Due to the increase of replicated crimes, criminologists soon began to realize that media coverage played a role in inspiring other criminals to commit crimes in a similar fashion, and even trigger some who were not criminals to commit the evil act. 

Amidst these brutal murders of women, Women Reps, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake and all women-serving organizations should united forces, condemn and come up with possible solutions.

The Author is the Founder of Chanua Dada Foundation

2 thoughts on “Bati Vicky Condemns the rising Murder of Women

  1. Men,what is it that we are not understanding. Is blood shed a solution?Not at all!Let’s not force things to happen and move on …We’ve got more important issues to handle now,life is so sweet…say no to murder !!!

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